What is iGiftback®? - iGiftback®

What is iGiftback®?

iGiftback® is innovative. It’s philanthropic. It’s street smart but savvy. It’s community minded. It’s easy to use and saves you money. It’s a budget friendly Apple and Android app that helps you give back to local nonprofit groups, charities and worthy organizations. It’s that bright spot in your day when you realize that mobile coupon you just redeemed helped your local shelter, school, museum or kids group. iGiftback® is the easy way to SAVE MONEY and GIVE BACK!

Craving pizza for dinner? Yum! Before you order, check your iGiftback app for mobile coupons for FREE pizza and discounts from all your favorite brands!

Need to pamper your tootsies? Lucky you! Check your iGiftback app for exclusive savings to local salon and spa’s that will have you relaxing in no time! If saving money feels this good, it can’t be wrong, can it?

Meeting your buddies for a round of golf? Good for you! Take the honors even before you hit the links and check your iGiftback app for free rounds of golf as well as savings on greens fees, golf instruction, clubhouse discounts and more!

Dreading car maintenance again this month? No need! Check your iGiftback app for valuable mobile coupons on services like oil changes, car washes, tire rotation and transmission inspections to product discounts on tires, filters and more. Now, the hardest decision all weekend is where to spend the extra cash you just saved!

iGiftback® will quickly become your favorite lifestyle app!

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