Welcome home to iGiftback® - iGiftback®

Welcome home to iGiftback®

Do you like saving money? Great!

Do you want to give back to local nonprofit groups, schools, charities and worthy organizations? Fantastic!

We are relaunching iGiftback® with exclusive savings to national, regional and local merchants located in over 5,000 cities nationwide and we can’t wait to share it with you!

The iGiftback® app will help you start saving on everyday purchases at local and national restaurant chains, hotels, movie theatres, golf courses, salons, spas, fitness centers, comedy clubs, museums, theme parks, bowling alleys, gas stations and more!

These exclusive deals are packaged in metro-wide, state-wide, national and themed Value Passes worth 1000’s of $ in savings!  Save money everyday on pizza, movies, manicures, haircuts, oil changes, tire rotation, carpet cleaning and pretty much anything you can imagine.

Each iGiftback® Value Pass helps you save money and gives you the opportunity to give back to a local or national nonprofit or organization. By saving money with the world’s best brands you can help your own pocketbook as well as your local community!

With the iGiftback® app, you can:

  • Buy Passes and redeem money saving deals right from your iOS device.
  • Instantly redeem deals as soon as you download a Pass, no waiting required.
  • Support local nonprofit groups, charities and organizations right from your iOS device.
  • Share your saving adventures with friends and family on social media and unlock extra deals around town.

iGiftback® is launching in just a few weeks, are you ready for the transformation?

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